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Learning game developer looking for programming math books
Published on June 1, 2010 By mentor07825 In Pure Technology

Hello everyone. I've currently finished my second year in a games development course and I'm looking for book(s) on mathematical and physics centred around game development for programmers. The books don't even have to contain C++ code or the like.

The reason why I'm asking you all this because I've spent the day looking on the internet for the right books with no luck. I did find one book but it was more of a reference book then teaching it. Also it's because my Applied Physics lecturer's notes, and his teaching, was below satisfactory for everyone in the class.

It is because of the lack of teaching and the appauling lack of quality of his notes (for those who never did physics or higher math in secondary school "high school") that I want to, and need to, practice these things over the summer and for a long time to improve and learn.

The things I'm looking for is:

Mechanical Physics: Newtons Laws such as finding speed and velocity and the such. Collision detection between objects and the speed afterwards, among many other things.

Integration and Differientation

Euler's Method & Runge-Kutta

Among many other things, and anything else you the community can recommend to me.

If any of you guys could recommend me any books at all that will teach me such things then you couldn't imagine how grateful I will be.

Thank you everyone for taking the time in reading this article.


on Jun 05, 2010

Ah screw it guys, I'll take a shovel and dig through the math notes anyhow. Cheers lads! Wish me luck

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