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Help wanted please!
Published on April 25, 2009 By mentor07825 In Personal Computing


on Apr 25, 2009

Sorry for the smiley faces, it seems when I transfered the code over here it decided to take my characters and turn some of them into smileys. So, annoying! Please, if anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it!

on Apr 25, 2009

I'm using Tasm and Tlink to compile and create the application. My problem is that when first point click's Y position on the screen is > the second Y position then the line doesn't draw. Also, I can't draw the line all around the screen. If the angle(slope) is greater or less then a certain number then it won't draw or it will be weird (I can't seem to figure it out).

I don't know much about ASM, but I've played around with Bresenham's line algorithm a long time ago.

This is soemthing that pretty much happens when you don't understand the algorithm and don't implement it correctly.

Especially watch out for your signs and register sizes. I don't think ASM is signed? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

And yes, I think the algorithm only works up to 45 degrees and is sensative to which quadrant it draws to. You'll likely have to swap the X & Y coordinates above 45 degrees.

Is this for a class? It's very unusual for soembody to do this in ASM anymore. A higher level language would work far better.

on Apr 25, 2009

Yes, this is for class. We were given a skeleton code but the problem was that the class didn't really teach us Assembly that much, and when they did, not well.

I know how to go around doing it. Like when the first point's Y position is > then the second one then switch the values.

After that to achieve the total round-house line you should implement that the Y is to be drawn first, rather then X.

Thing is I look around the interenet and nothing is very helpful at all. I know extremly little 8086 Assembly code, so I'm in a tight bind.

on Apr 25, 2009

I know nothig about this but in Google I typed this  8086 Assembly code  There were many interesting sites that came up. One I believe was a forum that was the 6th link down. Maybe you can ask there with people that deal with it or find your answer in any of the links.

on Apr 25, 2009

Sorry, can't help much, not an ASM person. Try asking somebody from the same class to look at it.

on Apr 25, 2009

Thanks guys, tried that though. At least two of us in the 28 people have it done (and the two are really smart). I also went online for tutorials as well and I find them to be a bit horrible as it doesn't explain much of anything, and I get the feeling that it's operations are not spelt properly.

Thanks anyway for all the help you guys! I appreciate it!

on Apr 27, 2009

I never thought I'd run across another person taking an assembly class.

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